Designed for Industry

Infrasuunnittelu Oy is a solution-focused expert partner for infrastructure and environment construction.

We provide design, surveying and supervisory services for environmental and civil engineering, as well as construction consultancy services for mines and other industrial environments, and for the needs of earthworks and construction companies.

Design & modelling
In addition to producing road, street, water management and regional designs, we also produce wide-ranging survey datasets
by employing construction surveying methods and drone surveys.

Construction management and supervision
We operate as supervisors, project managers and construction management consultants in a wide variety of infrastructure and environmental construction sites. Upon agreement, we can also provide the entire project from project design right through to implementation, a turn-key solution for the client.

Occupational health and safety
We have established experience in the working environments of mines and other industries, and we want to enhance the occupational and environmental health and safety for our clients. Our occupational health and safety product VIRTUGO is our solution for improvement of the health and safety of working environments and adopting a safer working culture.


» environmental design and implementation projects, e.g. noise protection barriers, dam, basin and auxiliary basin structures, basin and pipework designs, and foundation and sealing structures for mining waste areas
» dam inspections
» roads, traffic management, gate and fencing arrangements, railing designs for mine roads
» precision measurements for construction, mass calculations, geological studies and surveys
» measurement and supervision during construction, including waterways
» 3D aerial photography, large-format printing, surface models, 3D regional models, ortho images
» larger-scale turn-key solutions supplied in cooperation with our partners


» Terrafame
» Sotkamo Silver
» Mondo Minerals - Sotkamo & Vuonos
» Boliden Kevitsa
» Nordic Gold - Laivankaivos Mine
» UPM Kymmene - Renforsin Ranta